Soil and infrastructure Laboratory


On-site tests


  • Full supervision of earthworks and paving, including on-the-spot computerized results
  • paths – quality tests – density by various methods, aggregate grading, equivalence – sand value, compactness – modified Proctor, subsurface systems, stretching and compression, crush rates (British and Los Angeles), electrical resistance, DCP tests to determine elasticity module, drainage basins ponds, etc.
  • Bitumen – compactability, permeability, softening point, recycling, absolute/kinetic viscosity, membrane thinness (oven), emulsion refining fractions
  • Asphalt – density of asphalt concrete, drilling to extract cylindrical cores from asphalt concrete, determination of percentage bitumen, Marshal test, determination of maximum theoretical density
  • Sound and ultrasound tests

    Laboratory tests
  • Identification of polluting elements in soil and rock
  • Polyethylene and geotextile layers – strength, stretching, resistance to corrosive substances, resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Vertical and horizontal load testing of posts

 The laboratory performs soil examinations and research on request.


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Shlomo Abudi

Tel: 03-6465039