The National Quality Week

National Quality Week has fast become an Israeli tradition, with hundreds of organizations from across the country taking part.

National Quality Week was conceived by the Standards Institution of Israel, as a means of raising awareness of quality and standardization in Israeli society and of encouraging the adoption of quality processes by organizations.

The first National Quality Week was held in 1997 with the participation of only a small number of organizations. Yet we very quickly succeeded in getting our quality message across to many more organizations.


 Today, hundreds of thousands of people from all sectors of society participate in National Quality Week events . . . and by doing so demonstrate their commitment to promote quality throughout the country.
Organizations choose many different ways to mark National Quality Week. They hold conferences, seminars, study days, quality certification ceremonies, quality visits, competitions, signing of quality pledges, open houses and more.

Among those organizations that took part in Quality Week activities:

  • The Knesset (Israel’s parliament)
  •  government ministries
  •  public institutions
  •  private-sector companies and organizations
  •  charities and associations
  •  regional and municipal governments
  •  hospitals
  • educational institutions
  • the Israel Police
  •  the military industries
  • the Israel Defense Forces
  •  and of course the Standards Institution of Israel


Each year, the Knesset declares a National Quality Day. On this day, the country’s elected representatives debate quality issues in the Plenum and in committee. Many public officials attach great importance to their participation in Quality Week activities.


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