Cooperation enhanced with Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology

The Standards Institution of Israel has renewed its cooperation with the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, following a visit to that country by SII Director General Ziva Patir. Patir was a member of a delegation led by Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Ehud Olmert.

During the visit Jordanian Minister of Industry Dr. Ahmad Hindawi and JISM’s newly appointed Director General, Dr. Yaseen Khayyat, agreed to renew the mutual recognition agreement between JISM, the Royal Scientific Society (Jordan’s national laboratories) and SII. In addition, it was agreed to update the agreement’s appendix relating to products transported between Israel and Jordan.

The agreement was originally signed in 1998, and it was followed by reciprocal visits by Israeli and Jordanian engineers as well as compliance tests, but these ceased because of the political situation.

The current agreement includes articles on cooperation on standards for concrete reinforcing steel, televisions, ceramic tiles and cement, and recognition by SII’s laboratories of tests performed by the Royal Scientific Society. In addition, the “Green Tourism” project, which involves widening of the application of environmental standards along the common Eilat-Aqaba border, will be renewed.