ISO 22000 heralds new era in food safety

Occurrences of food contamination, mass poisoning, undesirable particles in food packaging and the like are all too common. At the same time, leading food manufacturers, food handlers and shippers, restaurants and food service organizations strive for responsibility and want to ensure to the best of their ability food safety and the health of their customers.

ISO recently published ISO 22000, a new standard for food safety management systems, aimed at all organizations in the food supply chain, from growers of animal feed and agricultural products through raw materials and packaging suppliers and on to hospitality organizations, hotels and food retailers.

The standard includes the world’s most advanced tools for good food safety practice. A major benefit of ISO 22000 is its provision of a framework for organizations everywhere to implement the Codex HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system for food hygiene in a harmonious way that does not vary with the country or food product concerned. It also incorporates the well-known and accepted principles of Israel Standard ISO 9001:2000.

The Standards Institution of Israel now offers food manufacturers a new certification service for this standard, and soon no organization will permit itself to acquire food and materials that have come in contact with food from an organization not meeting the requirements of ISO 22000.