Training and Conferences

Quality Assurance doesn't end or begin when the Auditor walks through the door, continuous improvement requires that those involved with ensuring quality keep up to date with the current standards and practices. To help organizations and companies achieve this goal The Standards Institution of Israel offers on a regular basis, numerous seminars, workshops and courses for those production and quality control professionals in various sectors of industry, as well as courses for auditors and other standards professionals. Lecturers are SII's own experts and distinguished local and foreign authorities. The seminars and workshops are given both in Israel and abroad.

The diversity of training subjects is extensive, and includes such diverse offerings such as; training for professional examiners of children's playground facilities; seminars on customer satisfaction and service; and courses for personnel to conduct internal quality tests at their own organizations.

Some of the training courses are given by professional lecturers of SII on the Institution premises in Ramat Aviv, while others are given at the site of the customer's organization, as the customer requests.
Since January 2000, more than 20,000 Israeli quality professionals have benefited from these courses and have been assisting their own organizations in the constant quest for quality improvement.

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Training Center Manager
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