Green Mark

The Green Mark confirms that a product meets a rigid set of criteria regarding the product's impact on the environment. Increasing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly products necessitates this oversight by a reputable independent body.

Benefits for manufacturers

  • Confers upon the product a positive identity,
  • Proviedes the manufacturer with a marketing advantage
  • Assists in developing "green consumerism"

Granting of the Green Mark by the Standards Institution of Israel, prevents the misleading of the public, which arises from the unrestricted use of terms such as "protects the ozone layer", "a biodegradable substance", "environmentally friendly" etc. without basis for the use of such terms - and without approval for the use of such terms by a reliable body that has tested the product.

For all inquiries regarding system certification, please contact:

Mr. Braun Benny M.Sc.
Head ,Green Mark Operation Directorate
Tel: 03-6465207
Cell : 052-3602789


Nira L. Lalkin

Tel: 03-6465207

Fax: 03-6461011



Avigail Dolev

Tel: 03-6465320

Cell: 052-3416319