Industrial Products Branch

Fields of activity / products tested:

  • Various electrical measurements upon request: electrical conductivity, insulation strength and resistance, heat resistance, etc.
  • Approval and certification of electrical panel manufacturers to the requirements of Standards Mark 22
  • Plugs and socket outlets for domestic use and similar uses up to 16 amperes
  • Electric switches for use in residential homes and permanent electrical installations
  • Threaded lamp housings
  • Miniature automatic switches for protection against over- current to domestic and similar installations
  • Connecting systems to electrical appliances for domestic use and various uses
  • Connection boxes for electrical installations: plastic boxes
  • Appliance switches
  • Low voltage switching and control panels
  • Conductors in insulated cables
  • Cables, cords and insulated conductors for nominal voltage up to 1,000 volts
  • Isolating transformers and isolating safety transformers
  • Ballasts for fluorescent tubes
  • Accessories for discharge lamps: cables
  • Cables for motors
  • Power cables
  • Electric arc welding equipment
  • Manual electrical soldering equipment
  • Turn-on installations (excluding incandescent switches)
  • Ignition batteries of the lead-acid type
  • Asynchronous cage motors
  • Electrical tools


For details:
Uzi Aluf, Branch Head
Tel: 03-6465042; Fax: 03-6461078