Fire Extinguishing, Plastics and Irrigation Systems

The Branch deals with the performance of design tests, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems. Also, the Branch performs tests of piping, accessories and other plastic products and tests of accessories and irrigation systems in the laboratory in Rupin.

Fields of activity / products tested:


  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems (water, foam, powder and gas)
  • Specification of a municipal supply network (especially for fire extinguishing systems)
  • Irrigation accessories
  • Fittings for preventing back-flow
  • Surveys in the field of water savings
  • Operation of irrigation and filtering systems – system blockages, optimum line length of emitter extensions, etc.
  • Various types of plastic pipes for hot water, drainage and sewage
  • PVC pipes having a structural wall
  • Electricity and communication piping
  • Rubber gaskets for various uses
  • Corrugated panels for roof and house coverings
  • Slats for shutters
  • Electricity ducts
  • Fittings and pipes for agriculture
  • Precast PE links for sewage
  • Profiles and interfaces for precast walls and windows
  • Testing of plastic and rubber products in accordance with foreign Standards, upon request
  • Plastic drainage systems

For details:
Akiva Helman, Branch Head
Tel: 03-6468603; Fax: 03-6465052