Lifts, Lifting Devices and Pressure Equipment

The Branch deals with compliance tests to Standards in several fields:


  • Various types of lifts and lifting devices.
  • Pressure equipment, strength of materials testing and metallurgical tests.
  • Tests of sport facilities.

Fields of activity / products tested pressure vessels and strength of materials:


  • Pressure vessels: steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) accumulators and cylinders, LPG containers and fire extinguishers.
  • Steel cables
  • Ribbed and rolled steel bars
  • Various profiles
  • Storage means
  • Welded and nonwelded models
  • Sea transport containers
  • Safes and treasure rooms – Locking means and protection means against burglary
  • Children’s carriages, seats for the invalid and others
  • Glass containers for food products
  • Glass panels
  • Amusement installations
  • Helmets for various uses
  • Posts for road lighting
  • Grinding wheels
  • Protection systems at the entrance to residential apartments
  • Fire doors
  • Failure analyses in the pressure equipment field

Fields of activity / products tested – lifts and lifting devices:


  • Test of all types of lifts: new lifts, old lifts, lifts after overhaul, electric lifts, service lifts, cargo lifts, hydraulic lifts, lifts for the invalid
  • Design test of the lift structure and its parts
  • Failure analyses in the field of lifts, lifting devices and mechanical systems
  • Various lifting accessories
  • Cranes
  • Parts of cranes
  • Hanging scaffolding
  • Car lifts in garages
  • Stairlifts
  • Sport installations – various basketball installations, partitions in the halls, testing of sport halls after installation of equipment.

For details:
Michael Swissa, Branch Head
Tel: 03-6465030/148; Fax: 03-6465178