Wood, Windows and Protection Systems

The Wood, Furniture and Windows Branch operates in three technical fields:


  • Performance of tests on baby products, on raw materials used in the furniture industry and for finished furniture;
  • Supervision on the manufacture, quality and installation of aluminum windows in tens of plants throughout Israel having a Standards Mark license;
  • Performance of tests on aluminum windows, screen walls, metalwork for shelters and entrance doors to apartments.

Fields of activity / products tested:


  • Raw materials from wood and its products: wood from various species, formica, fiberboard sheets, O S B boards, panels, multi-layered wood – plywood of various types.
  • Furniture and finished products: kitchen furniture, wall cabinets, libraries and desks, bureaus and other storage furniture, school chairs and tables, offices and household chairs, bunk beds and garden furniture.
  • Baby furniture: cribs and playpens, cradles, highchairs, diapering tables, children's carriages and walkers.
  • Products for the building industry: doors, wood frames, wood housings and parquets.
  • Ladders
  • Telephone and electricity poles
  • Regular aluminum windows and indoor safety windows for sheltered apattment spaces
  • PVC windows
  • Screen walls
  • Slat shutters and roll-up shutters
  • Metalwork items for shelters
  • Intercom doors
  • Window and door glazings
  • ABC filtering systems
  • Locks and cylindrical mechanisms

Baby Stroller Test

For details:
Avihu Levi, Branch Head
Tel: 03-6465003/4; Fax: 03-6465235
Email: Levi_A@sii.org.il