Vehicles and Gas Systems

The Vehicle and Gas Systems Branch specializes in the vehicle field and its systems, in various technological fields having an inclination to the field of transportation and transportation safety.
In the field of Gas Systems, the branch specializes in LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) operated systems such as stoves, combined operation ovens, and LPG accessories such as counters and controllers.

Fields of activity / products tested:

  • Accident investigations
  • Failure analyses
  • Reviews and research on transportation subjects
  • Motor vehicle investigations following an accident
  • Tests of structure changes for all motor vehicle types
  • Testing and calibration of licensing tracks
  • Vehicle stability tests
  • Comparison tests on non-original vehicle spare parts
  • Vehicle safety spare parts
  • LPG camping equipment
  • Gas and/or electric operated cooking, baking and heating appliances (cooking and baking ovens, gas stoves, gas heating appliances, central heating heaters)
  • Gas taps
  • Gas pressure controllers
  • Household gas meters
  • Kerosene heaters

For details:
Asaf Elfasi , Branch Head
Tel: 03-6465248/139;

Fax: 03-6467613