Electronics and Warning Systems

Fields of responsibility of the Branch:


  • Electronics Center for the Importer – Providing all the services to the importer starting from the request for release of goods up to issuing of an Official Standard for releasing goods from customs after completion of all the tests of the product in accordance with the applicable Official Standards.
  • Test laboratories – according to the following fields:

Fields of activity / products tested:


  • Entertainment electronics: stereo systems, television and video receivers, tape recorders, television and computer games
  • Small power supplies
  • Axial sockets of 75 ohm for radio and television
  • Radio frequency cables
  • Electrical sport equipment
  • Communication equipment: switchboards, facsimile machines, answering machines, etc.
  • Antennae systems for joint reception
  • Protection equipment against lightning strikes
  • Warning lighting for aircraft
  • Internal communication systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Aerosol fire extinguishing systems
  • Burglary detection systems
  • Vehicle alarms