SII Software Testing Center

The Software Testing Center of the Standards Institution of Israel is the leading software testing lab in Israel.

The Software and Information Security Unit supplies professional consultation services, project support and provides opinion in a variety of fields from the information security discipline.
Likewise, the Unit is in a development drive and plans to provide evaluation services to products from the IT field in accordance with the World Standard from the information security field, Common Criteria, together with the examination of cryptographic modules (that deal with information encryption) in accordance with the Standard required in industry, FIPS 140.


  • ISO/IEC 15408: Common Criteria
  • ISO/IEC 19790: FIPS 140


The Unit has experienced and skilled personnel having a multidisciplinary outlook with certifications considered to be the best in the world in the information security field.
In addition, the personnel in the Unit are capable, have software engineering degrees with vast knowledge in information systems and advances technologies.
The Unit is cautious about maintaining its quality advantage and the most up-to-date information in Israel and in the world by taking an active part in professional committees, forums and technological and information security bodies.
The Unit personnel represent Israel in International agreements in the information security field such as the World Common Criteria Organization, CCRA.


For details:
Lior Carmi CISSP – Unit Head
Tel: 03-6467803