Communication Equipment

The Telematics Laboratory specializes in providing testing services for Standards and test Specifications of analog and digital communication interfaces of a variety of communication products:
modems, switches, hubs, telephones, PBX, PAX, etc. The tests are performed in accordance with the Standards as required in the target countries of the exporter. Likewise, the laboratory performs preparatory tests for obtaining various national approvals (homologation tests) for a variety of countries in the world: European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Far Eastern countries, etc. and tests for wireless communication equipment.

The laboratory staff escorts you through all the stages:


  • Training of the engineers in the requirements of communication Standards as early as in the product development stage;
  • Performance of the preliminary tests according to the product development rate;
  • Comprehensive and full performance of the whole variety of communication interface tests in accordance with the Standards that apply to the product, among them: ETSI (including TBR), ITU-T (CCITT), NEBS, FCC Part 68.

For details:
Yuri Rosenberg – Branch Head
Tel: 03-6467800; Fax: 03-6467630