NEBS Tests

American public communication companies (ROBC) require that suppliers of TELECOM equipment comply with NEBS Standards. A product intended for one of the ROBC companies initially goes through a process of determining the requirements, between an ROBC representative and the manufacturer within the NEBS Standards.
The Telematics Laboratory is prepared to provide a solution to the exporter to the USA TELECOM market. SII has the infrastructure for performing special tests, such as fire tests or tests for currents up to 15 kA.

The laboratory services to telematics together with laboratories in the USA permit:


  • Initial consultation for determining the principal requirements;
  • Performance of the initial tests in Israel;
  • Performance of the complete tests to the RBOC requirements for the American market.

The laboratory performs compliance tests to the two most common Standards:


  • GR-63-CORE: Standard for complying to environmental, fire and lighting conditions (partial);
  • GR-1089-CORE: in the requirements of the Standard for complying with Safety and EMC.


For details:
Yuri Rosenberg – Branch Head
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