Laser Testing

The Telematics Laboratory performs tests on laser products and laser diodes as required in various applications, such as:


  • Optical communication interfaces;
  • Medical equipment or laboratory instrumentation.

A laser product for the American market must be registered with the FDA. For the European market, it has to be tested in accordance with the appropriate Standards within the mandatory requirement for the CE marking. The Telematics Laboratory has the capability to submit the manufacturer for registration with the FDA.
The laboratory performs tests in accordance with the common applicable Standards:
IEC 60825-1, IEC 60825-2 (International Standards)
60825-1 (European Standard)
CFR 21 1040.10, CFR 21 1040.11 (American Standards)
JISC 6802 (Japanese Standard)

The laboratory offers advice and direction in all the subjects related to lasers and the legal requirements in Israel and throughout the world at every stage of the product life.

For details:
Dr. Irina Antonov
Tel: 03-6467804