Electronics and Telematics Laboratory

The Electronics and Telematics Laboratory of The Standards Institution of Israel assists:


1. in the field of exports: Exporters in the product approval process for export: For this purpose, the laboratory has accumulated knowledge, professional and skilled manpower and infrastructures of the highest level. A professional and skilled staff will escort you through all the stages, from the development stage up to receipt of all the necessary approvals for the finished product:


  • Assistance in the characterization stage for the application of the requirements emanating from the appropriate Standards;
  • Assistance in the design stage for implementation of the requirements;
  • Assistance in the detection and solution of problems in the design stage and for the various tests;
  • Performance of tests and obtaining the necessary approvals by utilizing the unique international agreements of The Standards Institution of Israel;
  • The relevant branches of the laboratory are certified by the American Authority for Certification of  Approved Laboratories – ACLASS.

2. in the calibration field: Calibration of testing and measuring instruments: The Calibration Center is certified by the National Authority for Certification of Laboratories in the fields of: length and angle, humidity, temperature, electricity and electronics, and mass.

3. in the field of imports: The Service Center for importers of electronic instruments, sport equipment and medical equipment was established for the purpose of improving the service and making it more efficient. The laboratory performs compliance tests to the Standard of the products prior to their being sold in Israel.

4. in the field of fire warning and detection systems: Testing of products and installation of fire warning and detection systems.

For details:

Yoel Bar Gil – Head of Laboratory

Tel: 03-6467801

Fax: 03-6467779
Email: mailto:Yoel.bargil@sii.org.il