Precious Metals Branch

The branch provides services to importers, exporters and local manufacturers of gold and other precious metals products and for the public at large.

Fields of activity:

  • Testing and marking of Gold, Silver and Platinum items in accordance with Israeli and international standards.
  • Marking precious metals items by laser engraving.
  • Checking the composition of Palladium, Platinum and dental alloys using X-RAY screening
  • Verification of gold and silver jewelry for the general public (Free of charge)
  • Testing for Nickel migration from metal products intended to come into contact with the human body.
  • Testing and marking of precious metals jewelry for export (To countries which are members of the Hallmarking Convention

    For details:
    Ofir Arnon – Head of Branch
    Tel: 03-6467730; Fax: 03-6467795