Chemistry and Food Branch

Chemistry and Food Branch

The Laboratory/Branch provides lab services to private clients, manufacturers, importers-exporters. The Food Laboratory recognized by the Ministry of Health. The Chemistry and Food Branch has accreditation of ISRAC according to the items listed in the web site of the Authority.

Fields of activity / products tested:
•    Nutritional composition of food: caloric value, proteins, preservatives, fat, fatty acids, and more
•    Food products such as honey, edible oils, olive oil, coffee, canned food, infant formula, and more
•    Wine, beer and alcoholic drinks -see attachments (in Hebrew)
•    Drinking water, drinking water treatment chemicals
•    Water purification systems for household use and Products for use in contact with drinking water – see attachments
•    Classification, packaging, labeling, and marking of dangerous products
•    Firelighters, tear agent spray for self-defense
•    Soaps and cleaning materials such as washing powder, dishwashing powder, ovens cleaner, and more
•    Vehicle brake fluid, gasoline additives such as urea
•    Paints
•    Aluminum profile Finishes
•    Plastic materials and plastic articles in contact with food and beverages – see attachments
•    Ceramic ware
•    Chemical tests for Child use and care articles such as baby bottles, feeding articles, toys, and more
•    Chemical analysis for determining concentration of heavy metals
•    Conditioning tests such as salt-spray, humidity and UV radiation chambers
•    Carbon black contents in plastic materials
•    Chemical tests of building materials such as cement, lime, concrete additive
•    Test of Sewage water and Soil
•    Chemical testing "green" products

•    Declaration sample
•    Explanation letter for plastic importers (related to SI 5113)
•    Product submission form 5452

Wine Test (Movie in Hebrew)

For details, contact:
Yaniv shammai– Branch Head
Tel: 972-3-6465366
Fax: 972-3-6465036