Chemistry and Textile Laboratory

The Chemistry and Textile Laboratory is involved in a variety of fields, among them: chemistry, environment, textiles, food and precious metals.

Among the clients of the laboratory are many industrial plants in Israel and abroad, IDF, importers and exporters, government offices, buyers, public bodies and private customers.

The laboratory provides the following services in Israel and abroad:


  • Tests according to technical specifications, Israel Standards or International Standards performed at the client's site in Israel or abroad or in the SII laboratories.
  • Certification of manufacturing processes in plants.
  • Approval of products in accordance with Israel Standards and foreign Standards.
  • Professional opinion and services of experts.
  • Professional supervision and technical reviews.
  • Professional training in the fields of the laboratory activities.

For details:


Dalya Yarom – Head of Laboratory
Tel.: 03-6465214

Fax: 03-6465036