Product testing

From Salt to Software the testing of domestic and imported products for compliance with the relevant Israeli standard is carried out by the appropriate SII laboratory: Chemistry, Food and Textile; Mechanical; Calibration Unit; Hydraulics and Energy; Electrical, Electronics and Lighting; Telematics; Building Materials, Roads & Soils. All the laboratories are maintained at the highest possible operating level in terms of staff, equipment and procedures and operate in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025. SII also conducts materials acceptance testing and testing of final products for manufacturers.

SII's laboratories additionally serve as the official arm of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for testing imported products for compliance with the relevant Israeli Standards, particularly those involving safety, health and environmental protection. These tests have significantly reduced the persistent problem of "dumping" of inferior and unsafe products onto the local market.

The Product Testing Labs are made up of six main labs which deal with over twenty five sub catagories. The six main labs which make up the Industry Division are:


Chemistry and Textile Laboratory
Electronics and Telematics Laboratory
Mechanical and Hydraulics Laboratory
Electrical Laboratory
Construction laboratories
Soil and infrastructure Laboratory

For more information, contact:


Ilan Carmit

Director, Industry Division
Tel: 03-6465171