The Standards Institution of Israel, mandated by the Israeli Government, is the country's national standards body, preparing and publishing Israeli standards as well as representing Israel in the international standards organizations, ISO and IEC. The Standardization Division coordinates the preparation of Israeli standards through hundreds of committees, comprising thousands of representatives from all the sectors of the Israeli economy and society.

Standards are prepared, revised and published by the Standardization Division of SII according to the Rules for Preparing Standards approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade. To date more than 3000 Israeli standards have been published. Standardization activities are divided into 17 different areas, each of which is lead by a Central Committee. Actual preparation is carried out by approximately 600 Technical Committees and Working Groups, where experts representing all the diverse sectors of the economy, operate together.

Adopting International Standards
SII follows a policy of standards harmonization, whenever possible. The Technical Committees are encouraged to adopt existing, accepted international standards as Israeli standards, as long as there is no compelling local reason for not doing so. On occasion, originally created Israeli standards have been adopted by the international community. One of the areas in which the Israeli standard is regarded as basic standard for international reference is irrigation equipment, in which Israel is considered as a world leader.

Most israeli standards are voluntary, however, they may be converted into mandatory standards if they are vital for the protection of public safety or public health or quality of the environment. The procedure to convert standards into mandatory standards is performed either by a declaration by the Minister of Trade and Industry - proclaiming the standards as official standards, or by publishing an order or regulation on behalf of the Minister in charge of the particular area.

For more information, please contact:

Dalia Yarom

Director, Standardization Division
Fax: 03-6465365