Organization Profile

The Standards Institution of Israel - (SII) is Israel's official body for the preparation and publication of Israeli standards. SII is a non-Governmental Organization with a unique status spelled out by "The Standards Law of 1953". According to this law, the purpose of SII is to Prepare standards as well as to ensure the quality of products which are produced locally or imported. Today SII incorporates Standardization, Testing, Certification and Training activities, under one roof and has laboratories in almost all technological areas, providing testing and inspection services to industry and commerce, as well as regulatory services to government.

During the course of the last nearly half century, and in accordance with the dynamic nature of the marketplace, SII has become integrated into the daily lives of nearly every citizen as the leading organization responsible for ensuring quality and safety through the adoption of standards. Furthermore, SII represents Israel's interests in the international standards organizations, ISO and IEC and actively assists in Israel's integration into the global economy by participating in and maintaining close relations and agreements with testing and certification bodies, such as, IQNet and IECEE.

SII operates product and system certification programs. The Product certification programs include three marking schemes Standards Mark, Safety Mark, and Green Label.

SII provides a wide range of services to the public and professionals, including printed and on-line information for consumers, an extensive standards and technical documentation library, as well as a full training program which includes seminars, lectures, workshops and courses.

SII is the prime promoter of Quality in Israel. In addition to the various system certification programs and the training services SII founded the annual Quality Week in Israel.

International Cooperation:
International cooperation and mutual recognition lay at the very heart of International Standardization, harmonized standards for similar technologies in different countries can contribute to the lowering of technical barriers to trade. The Standards Institution of Israel maintains an extensive network of contacts with other Standards and Quality institutions abroad. It is linked to its associates by mutual recognition agreements in order to facilitate approvals which merit broad international recognition and give sufficient answers to every possible request by customers around the world.
Naturally both industry and the consumer benefit from this streamlined process.