Building Envelope

  The tests of the building envelope are intended to ensure that it is sealed against penetration of water and cold air.

Sealing tests


  • Flooding roofs and balconies\
  • Sprinkling walls, seams and windows
  • Plaster of the security room – thickness, presence of netting reinforcement, adhesion strength.

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Sealing tests at sites


  • Plaster – thickness adhesion quality
  • Thermal plaster – thickness, bulk density, adhesion quality
  • Interior plaster – planarity, verticality and adhesion quality
  • Rigid coatings – adhesion quality, conformance to standard as per check list
  • Soft coatings – adhesion quality, thickness and percentage of solids
  • Identifying sealing layers on flat roofs
  • Extracting bolts/anchors from concrete
  • Testing light-weight roofs – conformance to standard as per check list

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