Site Development and Building Frame

The set of tests for the building frame is intended to determine the properties of the concrete and the frame and is divided into two categories:


Building Frame


  • Fresh concrete
  • Consistency
  • Bulk weight
  • Setting time
  • Bleeding
  • Air content


Hardened Concrete


  • Compressive strength
  • Flexural strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Bonding strength
  • Water permeability
  • Elastic modulus of the concrete
  • Wear resistance
  • Water absorption (overall and capillary)
  • Moisture content
  • Concrete shrinkage


Raw Materials


  • Cement
  • Mineral aggregates from natural sources
  • Light aggregates
  • Additives for concrete and plaster
  • Concrete curing materials


Construction Materials


  • Blocks for walls and concrete ceiling
  • Sand-lime blocks
  • Gypsum blocks
  • Gypsum partitions – putty strips for seams, frame profiles
  • Blocks of cell concrete cured in an autoclave
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete elements
  • Hollow core pre-stressed panels

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Engineer Moshe Haim, head of frame, finishing and sealing products branch.
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Site Development


  • Non-destructive (NDT) testing
  • Test for estimating concrete strength test (Schmidt hammer)
  • Testing with ultrasonic device – mapping concrete uniformity or detection of faults in elements of small area
  • Mapping location of reinforcement bars in concrete elements
  • Sonic testing of pillars
  • Testing for corrosion in steel reinforcement (half cell potential)


Additional concrete tests


  • Certification for imported concrete plants
  • Mixing uniformity in mixers
  • Quantity of concrete shipped to the building site
  • Testing pillars: bentonite, concrete in cellular walls


Building Stability


  • Testing load on walls/beams
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Current state of “Pal-Kal” ceilings


Infrastructure products


  • Curbstones
  • Concrete pipes
  • Pre-fabricated elements of inspection cells
  • Pre-fabricated covers and roofs for inspection cell elements
  • Stressing stages for inspection cell elements
  • Concrete tiles and concrete paving stones

For More Details:

Engineer Avi Burshtein,
Head, Building Durability Branch
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