Metals and Toys Branch

The branch provides laboratory testing services for manufacturers, contractors and private customers in the fields of metals and alloys as well as to manufacturers, importers and exporters in the field of toys and games for children.

Areas of activity/products tested in the Toys and Metals Laboratory:

Metals Sector:

  • Composition of various metals and alloys
  • Composition of steels and stainless steels
  • RoHS testing for electronic and electrical instruments
  • Presence of heavy metals in writing implements for children (pencils, paints for children, erasers, etc.)
  • Presence of heavy metals in various products

Toys Sector (in the Beer-sheba branch)


  • Toy Testing
  • Toy Testing for non Public Usage

How Toys Are Tested By the Standards Institution of Israel


For Details:


Shahar Nizri - Head of branch

Tel: 073-2154760